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Administrative Rules

A202-01 Reserved – Office of the County Executive

A202-02 Reserved – Office of the Medical Examiner

A202-03 Reserved – Office of the Clerk of Courts

A202-04 Reserved – Department of Public Works

A202-05 Reserved – Department of Law

A202-06 Reserved – Office of the County Treasurer

A202-07 Reserved – Sheriff’s Department

A202-08 Department of Development

A202-09 Reserved – Department of Human Resources

A202-10 Reserved – Department of Health and Human Services

A202-11 Department of Purchasing (also known as Office of Procurement & Diversity)

A202-12 Reserved – Department of Public Safety and Justice Services

A202-13 Reserved – Department of Regional Collaboration

A202-14 Reserved – Department of Communications

A202-15 Reserved – Department of Information Technology

A202-16 Reserved – Department of Consumer Affairs

A202-17 Fiscal Department (also known as the Office of the Fiscal Officer)

A202-18 Reserved – Department of Sustainability

A202-19 Reserved – Office of the Executive-Elect

A204-01 Reserved – Agency of the Inspector General

A204-02 Reserved – Department of Internal Auditing

A205-01 Reserved – Board of Control

A205-03 Reserved – Board of Revision

A205-04 Reserved – Emergency Services Advisory Board

A205-05 Reserved – Regional Enterprise Data Sharing System (REDSS)

A205-06 Debarment Review Board

A205-07 Reserved – Solid Waste District Management Board

A205-08 Reserved – Cleveland/Cuyahoga County Port Authority Board

A205-09 Administrative Rules Board

A206-01 Reserved – County Records Commission

A206-02 Reserved – Public Defender Commission

A206-03 Reserved – Budget Commission

A206-04 Reserved – Economic Development Commission 

A206-05 Personnel Review Commission

A206-06 Reserved – Charter Review Commission

A206-07 Reserved – Charter Review Commission

A206-08 Reserved – Veterans Service Commission

A206-09 Reserved – County Equity Commission

A206-10 Reserved – County Monument Commission

A206-11 Reserved – County Archives Advisory Commission

A207-01 Reserved – County Audit Committee

A207-02 Reserved – Consolidation Shared Services Fund Review Committee

A207-03 Reserved – College Savings Account Program Committee

A207-04 Reserved – Technical Advisory Committee

A208-01 Reserved – Citizens’ Advisory Council on Equity

A208-02 Reserved – Cuyahoga Community Improvement Corporation